How to Shift Your Money Reality

Uncategorized Dec 25, 2019

Good morning world!

I hope this message finds you at the perfect time. I'm in Colorado right now for the holidays visiting my fam, and feeling so much excitement for the coming year. 2020 feels like so much JOY, love, abundance, and freedom if we are bold enough to reach out and grab it. 

I know I mentioned abundance in the above, and although that can mean many different things, I was specifically being given to chat about money and financial freedom. Many have been feeling fear around their finances, and I was being given that this post would be an answered prayer to help you take your power back. I hope this helps you, sis!

Okay, so think about spending a sum of money on something you really desire, like a vacation, a new home, a move, or investing in yourself in some way. Does it bring up feel fear in your body? When and if this happens, from a higher perspective you can start to become aware that you are simply being shown where you’re bumping up against your old wiring/fear-based patterning. When we get down to it, the fear thinks that the money won’t be replenished. The fear believes when you spend the money, it'll be gone. Because you are plugged into that story, if you choose to stay in it before during or after you spend it, the pattern will continue.

When the fear comes up, see it as an invitation to take a look at what old conditioning you are bumping up against. Stop it in its tracks. You can either choose to run with the fear and continue creating lack, or you can take a look at it, process where it came from, and choose to step beyond it. See the fear as information, and if you desire for things to change for you in this area, you must take a step outside of the story.

Go easy on yourself for when fear comes up. Celebrate that your awareness of the fear is the first step toward your healing and rewiring. No shame. No guilt. No heaviness.

You must make the decision to KNOW that you are not your past self, and decide to start rewiring your mind into who you desire to become with money from now moving forward. Who will you be with money starting today? Now, and in this moment, you can begin to become someone new in your finances and reinvent yourself.

Our brains are old systems that immediately look for proof from our past. This is merely a conditioned response, AND in order to experience a different realm of possibility around money, you must exit your old conditioning and rewire yourself into the version of you who KNOWS there is only overflow. As you know this, not just with your mind, but in every fiber of your being (aka you embody this + feel it), your money reality will finally change.

It’s time to exit the matrix of who you used to be before you read this post around money, and start to think more expansively. Start to open your heart to the possibilities! As you choose this, know that you are leading so much healing on this planet around money and being supported by Life. Most of the world has not yet awakened to this way of thinking and being, and if you are reading this, you came here to be the change. You are an example for the rest of the world of what’s possible for them, by first choosing it for yourself! Pat yourself on the back, girl. You're kind of a big deal. If you want to hear me chat more about money, check out Episode #16 of Get Lit! with Amanda Marit Podcast around Shifting the Energy of Debt. <-- This is especially perfect if you have fear around debt or behaviors of spending from your past. Forgive yourself! Divine doesn't see them as mistakes, and your reality can change at any moment.

You are loved,

Amanda Marit

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