answer your souls calling + become a certified Spiritual Life Coach

answer your souls calling + become a certified Spiritual Life Coach
The next round of this 8 Month Training Program begins in January of 2021. Now accepting applications!

your soul is calling you to share your light + gifts

your soul is calling you to share your light + gifts

I remember that feeling... waking up every day dreading going into work,  frustrated supporting someone else's dream. Every day is just another day of going through the motions of life, not living the potential you KNOW is within you.

Does this sound familiar? Is there a stirring within you to do something more fulfilling? To do the work that REALLY lights you up and make an impact on the lives of others?

Imagine waking up every day, feeling fired up + passionate about the work you're doing, AND also having the freedom to create your own schedule. Imagine being able to serve clients from all over the world from your laptop in the comfort of your Lululemon's. Imagine messages from your clients FLOODING in your inbox, telling you how much you've helped them change their lives.

Imagine your heart BURSTING with so much love for the difference you are making in the world. If this feel exciting to you, you might be called to step into becoming a Soul Mastery Coach.



As a Soul Mastery Coach, you will help your clients step into the best possible versions of themselves, and create the lives of their dreams.

You will learn how to help them shift and heal the emotional wounds from the past + old conditioning that has been preventing them from moving forward into their ideal lives and selves. From there, they can begin to attract + co-create the life of their dreams, such as attracting soulmate love, creating their dream business or career, experiencing financial abundance, feeling happy and full of joy in their own body, and gaining an overall zest for life! 

You, as a coach-in-training, will also be going through your own soul + life expansion throughout this process to prepare you to know how to lead your clients through the embodiment of the work.

My coaches are thoroughly trained to support their clients in becoming their highest selves, living a life of love, abundance, freedom, joy, and the ease and magic that is already a remembered and mastered by the soul. As you tap into this, all becomes possible!

You learn how to do this in a variety of ways, including emotional healing exercises, mind rewiring, energy alignment, higher self connection, soul expansion, working with various Angels and Ascended Masters, Sacred Geometry, balancing the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine within, intuitive connection, guided meditation, visualization and energy exercises, self-reflection, and much more.


Leticia Higgins, France



3-part program overview

SOUL COACHING MASTERY: Over 5 months, you will learn how to become a powerful Soul Mastery Coach, help your clients heal from the past, become their highest selves, and create the lives of their dreams. You will learn the material via our live interactive group calls + video recordings inside of the membership portal.
YOUR OWN TRANSFORMATION: This will be ongoing throughout the span of 8 months, as you will be going through your own inner + outer transformation! As you learn the material, you will not only move through inner reflection, but you will be taking action to embody it and put the tools into practice in your every day life!
BUSINESS BASICS: Over 3 months, you will learn the beginning steps of how to start + build your coaching business. From crafting your coaching packages, pricing, building an Instagram tribe, creating a buzz around your new offers, you'll work on gaining the confidence to launch your business out into the world!

this experience is like no other!

This is more than just a *learning*. This is an interactive group experience where we are connected throughout the 8 month process! You will become super tight with the group and have direct access to me, Amanda.

This Certification Program Includes:

- Two 90-minute Live Group Training calls/month for 8 months

- Digital Trainings in between our Live Calls

- One Facebook Live Office Hours Session each month

- Access to a private membership portal with tons of video content and weekly assignments (expect 1 hour of solo work each week)

- Facebook Community (this part is gold!) where you have direct access to me, Amanda, as well as your other soul tribe members throughout the entire experience in between our sessions. 

- The support of a group of like-hearted souls who are there with you every step of the way! 

- BONUS One Day Live In-Person Graduation Event


Ashley Dakake, Tampa, FL

Let's do this, sis!

The program is application only

Once you answer a few questions, if your application is accepted, my team and I will be reaching out to you to schedule a 45-minute virtual coffee date! From there we will decide together if it's a good fit.

Client Love notes

"Since working with Amanda I have had months where I have doubled, tripled, and even quadrupled the amount I had made financially in my business before working with her. I have much more confidence in my abilities as a coach and my connection with Divine. Both of these things have allowed me to serve my clients on a much higher level, providing them with even more results than I was able to before. I have also attracted more business opportunities and my social media following has grown too. Overall, since working with her, I feel more confident in my abilities as a speaker and coach and more comfortable in my own skin as a person. My favorite part about working with Amanda is how much love and attention she gives. It is so evident her client’s success is just as important to her as her own. She has a positive energy that is infectious. You can’t really ask for more than that. "
Stephanie Matos, Spiritual Mindset Coach and Speaker
"I thoroughly enjoyed working with Amanda. Every time that we talked she always knew how to make me feel calm, cool & collected. She has something about her that just draws you in and makes you want to listen and take action (which is what most people lack including me). After talking with her and working with her I got the fire back that I lost in my business. I have since been able to grow my business, have more confidence, and stay consistent and on course. She tells you exactly what you need to hear and helps you walk through the process of accomplishing your goals without just telling you what you should be doing. I highly recommend working with Amanda, I am so thankful that I did!"
Erin Saba, Co-Owner of Ohana Fitness and Wellness

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