Hi, I'm Amanda!

Hi, I'm Amanda!
From Corporate Cubicle to 6 Figure Entrepreneur, I'm an Intuitive + a Business Coach for Soulpreneurs. I've supported hundreds of beautiful souls around the world step into the lives and businesses of their dreams.


I remember what it was like sitting in my cubicle thinking, "Is this it?" I had been promoted 4 times over a 5 year span, and had achieved a fancy title with the word "Manager" in it, however I still wasn't happy. The 11-hour work days supporting someone else's dream was no longer inspiring. 

At the same time, my dating life was a HOT sizzling mess. I was attracting emotionally unavailable men, one after the other. I decided it was time to take RADICAL responsibility for my patterns, so I began reading every Spiritual and Self-Help book I could get my hands on, and I devoured all of it. I had a MASSIVE personal transformation of my own, and this was the moment I woke up. I was SO inspired that I began writing a blog. In time, people started asking me how they could work with me, so I decided to become a Spiritual Life Coach.

I coached clients for 2 years alongside my Corporate job, struggling to make enough money to go full time and replace my Corporate salary. One morning, I woke up and knew it was time to put my notice in. I had no money saved up, and no new clients rolling in. I was determined to leap and let the net appear. The first 6 months were not easy, and there was a moment where I had only 5 cents in my bank account.

This was the moment I DECIDED things were going to change, and within 6 months, I booked over $100K in my business! I am absolutely so passionate about helping soul-aligned entrepreneurs do the same. You are truly meant to be supported in ALL ways, as you show up in service with your heart and soul.

I've now had the privilege to support some of the most incredible souls all over the world step into infinite possibilities, abundance, and impact through the mission + message they came here to share. 

I'm thrilled to now share that I'm a former leader in Corporate America turned passionate 6-figure Entrepreneur the first year full-time in my business. 


I know what it's like to feel stuck, not knowing what step to take next. If you feel I can support you on your journey, let's connect.


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