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hi, i'm amanda!

International Spiritual Coach, Business Mentor, and Intuitive, Founder of Soul Mastery Coaching Certification, and a Cubicle Survivor turned multiple 6-Figure Entrepreneur. It's my mission to help you live as your highest and best self while you're here on this planet!
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Client Love!

"The moment I met Amanda I knew I needed to work with her, but it wasn’t until December of 2019 that I finally gained the confidence to really stop playing small and go after my dreams. I had been successful in the past, but I was so burnt out from the hustle-mentality I had adopted. I knew there was a better way and Amanda would be the one to guide me there. Even the first session created a massive shift in my energy and belief in myself. Between that session and our VIP day together, I walked away a more empowered woman, with more tools to support my own clients and way more confidence in raising my prices. Within the first month of working with Amanda, I made back my investment and had my first real 5 figure month. And not just 5 figures...17k! Since then, each session has been a powerful up-leveling which has impacted every area of my life. If you know what is best for your business, your mindset and your relationships, invest in Amanda because ultimately you’re investing in yourself and this is the work necessary to live a magical life!"
Ava Johanna, Mentor for Spiritual Biz Babes + Host of Alchemized Life Podcast
"She has an uncanny ability to help you to believe in yourself and your gifts; and to realize this whole thing isn't just about you, that, in fact, you're doing the world a disservice by holding back and not taking the leap. She'll help you to understand that you don't have to settle for a good enough life, that you're allowed to take the path less traveled and its allowed to be easy. And one of the greatest gifts she'll give you, is the confidence to finally trust yourself and your intuition - not only in your business life, but your personal life, as well. Amanda is a light like no other. If you have the opportunity to work with her, run, don't walk towards it - and for goodness sake, leap. -- former and continued leaper who made over 6-figures in her first year after working with Amanda. "
Caroline Rose, Found of LION Brand Consultancy
"My coaching experience with Amanda has been completely transformational on both a business + personal level. As she says "there's nothing spiritual about being broke!". TRUTH. This money mindset shift has rippled into the clients that I serve. I couldn't put a price on the information she's given me - it goes so far beyond pen to paper. In 6 months, I've confidently upleveled my prices, created a weekly newsletter, increased my social media following, successfully created/filled a group program, brought on high paying clients, gained marketing opportunities. The list goes on + on. If you're a business owner looking to take everything to the next level with ease you've GOT to work with Amanda if she has a spot open. Believe me, the investment WILL pay off."
Katelyn Parsons, Intuitive Eating Coach + Founder of Modern Girl Holistics